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RGCD: Hot data for vintage hardware!

Welcome to the RGCD online store, the only place where you can purchase games from our catalogue of independently published titles. We specialise in offering the latest releases for vintage hardware in physical format, as well as selling faux-retro games for modern platforms.

Over the past few years we've produced cartridge conversions of over two-dozen new games for the Commodore 64, including authorised ports of indie-smashes such as Super Crate Box, Canabalt, Super Hexagon and iOS favourite Forget-Me-Not, alongside new and original games like Psytronik Software's Soulless, The Vice Squad, Darkness and Sub Hunter.

With our portfolio increasing in size every month, you can almost imagine its 1989 again - but with better games. So dust off that retired 8-Bit and grab a joystick. Remember, old computers need love too...

RGCD Publishing News - April 2015

Whoops! It's been almost a year since I last updated this news page, and over the past 12 months quite a lot has been going on here at RGCD HQ. Due to the recent changes in European VAT law we've moved our digital downloads over to, so our BigCartel store is now focused on only selling physical products. In addition to this, RGCD is now a registered company (RGCD.DEV Ltd) and we've started developing our own games in-house, with r0x (Extended Play) being our debut. However, despite all this - and fuelled by our annual game development competition - the new Commodore 64 releases continue to roll off of the assembly line.

Following the limited-edition cartridge version of Trance Sector Ultimate, forthcoming C64 releases include Gravitrix, Jam It!, P0 Snake, Aviator Arcade II and many more! Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more info.

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