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RGCD: Hot data for vintage hardware!

Welcome to the RGCD online store, the only place where you can purchase games from our catalogue of independently published titles. We specialise in offering the latest releases for vintage hardware in physical format, as well as selling faux-retro games for modern platforms.

Over the past two years we've produced cartridge conversions of over a dozen new games for the Commodore 64, including authorised ports of the 2009 indie-smash Canabalt and iOS favourite Forget-Me-Not, alongside new and original games like Psytronik Software's Soulless and Sub Hunter. More recently, we've teamed up with Jagware (a collective of Atari-scene veterans) to help distribute physical copies of their popular Atari Jaguar releases, such as Reboot's KM: Final and forthcoming Rebooteroids.

With our portfolio increasing in size every month, you can almost imagine its 1989 again - but with better games. So dust off that retired 8-Bit and grab a joystick. Remember, old computers need love too...

RGCD Publishing News - December 2013

We've been a little quiet on the new release front here at RGCD towers, mainly due to the outrageous success of Samar Productions' Bomberland and Paul Koller/Vlambeer's Super Bread Box - to be frank, over the past couple of months all our spare time has been spent packing and shipping out games to Commodore 64 owners across the globe!

As well as keeping Royal Mail and the Post Office in business, we've also had a few things bubbling away in the background; not only have we just released thirteen(!) new games as part of our annual game development competition, but we've also been working with our friends at Psytronik Software to bring you the high-octane shmup The Vice Squad and will soon be releasing a limited cartridge run of Trance Sector Ultimate, our remix of the game complete with exclusive new artwork by Kiken Corp and containing level sets from both the original and CE versions.

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