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Bomberland (Commodore 64)


Michal Okowicki & Owen Crowley, 2013

Welcome to Bomberland, the land whose residents have a passion for explosive events!

Over 10 years in development, Michal Okowicki's Bomberland brings classic console style multi-player party-gaming to the Commodore 64 like never seen before. Complimenting epic and customisable 2-5 player death-match tournaments with an incendiary 36-arena single player campaign, no other 8-bit title even comes close to the chaos and boombastic mayhem of this cartridge-exclusive game!

Featuring gorgeous high resolution graphics, challenging boss battles, tons of different enemies, password saves, game-changing power-ups, multiple play modes and an awesome SID soundtrack by Owen "Conrad" Crowley, Bomberland supports both the CGA (Protovision) and HIT (by Excess and Hitmen) four-player adaptors and even includes full keyboard support, so you can play it solo on a stock C64/128 without any peripherals!

The standard cartridge version is packaged in a cardboard carton, whereas the deluxe version uses a modified plastic Universal Game Case.

The cover art was designed by Steve 'STE 86' Day and the game comes complete with a 32-page printed manual, two code sheets, a vinyl Samar Productions sticker and a double-sided poster that features an extensive monster info sheet on the reverse. The 64KB PCB is housed in an orange cartridge shell.

Bomberland has been tested on both PAL and NTSC machines, and works on the C64, C128 and C64GS. Although the game runs on NTSC hardware, it does play fractionally faster and will be harder as a direct result of this. As such, Bomberland is labelled as NTSC compatible, but designed for PAL systems.

GS owners are limited to two player mode only due to the lack of a User Port or keyboard. The game also supports the Commodore 128 in 64 mode, using its extended hardware registers for acceleration.

Please note that Bomberland is also available to buy here as a downloadable .CRT image to use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II. Purchases of both physical versions include this download for free.

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