About RGCD Publishing

Since 2012, RGCD has been acting as a proper retro game publishing business instead of merely a small hobby label. That's not to say that we're raking in huge profits, but rather that like our good friends over at Psytronik we now have a solid business model and provide our clients with sales information and royalty payments via a simple invoicing system.

The way we operate with physical sales is simple. Every game we publish has a unit cost (based on the price we pay for physical materials, packaging and so on). We then negotiate a sale price with our client and calculate shipping costs and fees. In simple terms, the difference between the unit cost and sale price is recorded as profit - and a percentage of this is then paid to the developer. Of course, the developer retains all rights to their product - we just act as a means through which to help manufacture, promote and sell the game (in addition to providing thorough play-testing and customer support).

Digital sales have become a lot more complicated for independent developers since the new European VAT laws came into action (January 2015), which is why we've teamed up with itch.io to offer a simple method for digital sales and distribution - either for a fixed price or for free/pay-what-you-want.

Being retro enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate that there's not a huge market out there who are interested in buying new games for old systems. If money was the driving force then we'd be working with newer gaming platforms. Similarly, the majority of our regular customers only have a finite amount of money that they are willing to spend on vintage hardware and many prefer to 'try before they buy', so whenever possible we like to offer the game for free download in addition to selling physical copies - but ultimately this decision is up to the developer.

Interested in working with us to release your game? Please get in touch with us via our contact form.