Tiny Quest (Commodore 64)

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Rebel Bytes & Digital Monastery, 2020-21

Far, far away, exists a weird and wonderful world of right-angles and crazy geometry. In this land populated by square trees, square clouds and square people, Mr Cube has fallen in love.

However, our hero's love interest is on the opposite side of the world - and between them lies a land full of hazards, obstacles and dangerous critters! Not only that, but Mr Cube is flat broke and he needs to raise enough cash during his quest to ensure that he can pay for safe passage home for both himself and his sweetie!

Oh, did I forget to mention that time is incredibly tight? Mr Cube will have to run and jump as quickly as he can if he's to make it before his energy runs out. He'll need all his stamina for the ceremony of geometrical pairing!

Steady your nerves, prepare your reflexes, grab that joystick and help our hero on his TINY QUEST!

TINY QUEST is a game that requires lightning-fast reflexes, excellent memory, advanced planning skills, perfect timing and (a lot of) self control. You have been warned. There will be times when things appear hopeless - but you have our word - even the hardest screens are possible to beat with practice!

On the way to finding Mr Cube's true love you will face many different hazards, obstacles and environments. You will have to jump and run as fast as you can before your rapidly-decreasing energy runs out. Watch out not to step on those nasty traps! Every mistake will cost you one of your 5 precious lives – and once all of your lives are lost... your quest will be over!

To help you on your journey, a password (a combination of directional pushes on the joystick) is awarded for completing each set of 15 levels. These passwords act as check-points, allowing you to continue your quest after each Game Over. However! The passwords are NOT permanent and only last for each play session - they change every time you reload the game.

TINY QUEST is a Rebel Bytes/Digital Monastery game for the Commodore 64/128 personal computer, developed by Andrea "Wanax" Schincaglia, "Raffox", Gaetano Chiummo and Stefano "Dustbin" Palmonari. Published by RGCD and BITMAP SOFT in 2020. The cartridge version of the game is presented in a custom RGCD banded three-part cardboard box with a glossy outer sleeve. The cover art was illustrated by Simon Butler and the game comes complete with a professionally printed 12-page A6 manual, vinyl RGCD and Digital Monastery stickers, RGCD badge, post-card and a couple of code sheets to record your passwords on. The 64KB PCB is housed in a bright red cartridge shell, with a 3D domed label.

Please note that BITMAP SOFT are also selling the game on 5.25" diskette, cassette and as a digital download.

Note that purchases of the cartridge include a free copy of the *.CRT version of the game for use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II.

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