Replacement C64 Cartridge Packaging (Deluxe)


Looking for a replacement or an upgrade from our standard cartons? Check out our modified Universal Game Cases!

Due to customer demand, RGCD now offer the option of buying a large plastic case to hold our cartridges. This 'Deluxe' packaging comprises of a Universal Game Case complete with a manufactured ahdesive foam insert that is specifically designed to hold the classic style C64 cartridges (as used by RGCD).

The cases hold one cartridge each and additionally have ample space within to include any related manuals, stickers and reference sheets.


  • -NO INSERT- (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Assembloids (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Blok Copy (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Bomberland (Deluxe Packaging)
  • C-2048 (Deluxe Packaging)
  • C64anabalt (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Edge Grinder (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Fairy Well (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Fortress of Narzod (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Get 'Em DX (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Greenrunner/Redrunner (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Gravitrix (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Guns 'N' Ghosts (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Jam It (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Jars' Revenge (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Mollusk Redux (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Moonspire (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Not Even Human (Deluxe Packaging)
  • P0 Snake (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Panic Analogue (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Powerglove (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Quod Init Exit (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Rocket Smash EX (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Sheepoid DX / Woolly Jumper (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Sir Ababol / Nanako (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Soulless (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Space Lords (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Spike / MineStorm (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Sub Hunter (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Super Bread Box (Deluxe Packaging)
  • The Vice Squad (Deluxe Packaging)
  • Tiger Claw (Deluxe Packaging)
  • UWOL (Deluxe Packaging)