Replacement C64 Cartridge Packaging

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Here at RGCD our packaging has seen over six different variations since we started publishing cartridge games back in 2006, but now that has come to an end. With the help of Steven Day, we have a final, customised, high-quality and authentic retro design that will be used on all releases going forward.

Built around a modular system using up to five layers of 420gsm card, the inner matte box contains a card insert to hold RGCD cartridges and ample space to keep your stickers, manuals, (folded) poster and other feelies safe. The lid contains a varnish spot finish RGCD logo, and the box is secured shut by the use of a glossy outer sleeve (similar to the Microprose and Renegade games of the 1990's).

Launching with Grid Pix, Boxymoxy and Paul Koller's LuftrauserZ and Super Bread Box, over the coming months new boxes will become available as a replacement for the lesser-quality 'deluxe' and 'standard' packaging formats of the past.