Planet Golf (Commodore 64)

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Antonio Savona 2017

In 1971 the Apollo 14 landed two men safely on the moon. Commander Alan Shepard spent more than 9 hours collecting lunar artifacts and performing several scientific experiments...

...and playing golf.

36940 years have passed since that day. Mankind has long colonized the entire solar system and space tourism is now a reality. Specially designed suits allow men to withstand the extreme conditions of open space and walk unharmed on other planets' surfaces...

...and play golf!

PLANET GOLF is the latest C64 production from Antonio Savona, who also produced the polished hi-res one-button snakey game P0 Snake. For Planet Golf Antonio has produced a stunning 2D golf simulation that takes place across 99 levels on 5 different planets in the solar system, each with its own realistic physics, unique terrain and devious obstacles and enemies! Packed with innovative touches, flawless presentation, superb sampled speech, effects and humourous touches this is an unmissable release for C64 gamers!

Planet Golf is a Psytronik & RGCD Production. For full details on the game, please check out the official press kit here.

Planet Golf is presented in a modified plastic Universal Game Case complete with custom made foam insert (as with the rest of our deluxe range). The cover art was illustrated by Oliver Frey and the game comes complete with a professionally printed 12-page A6 manual, large weather-proof vinyl RGCD and Planet Golf stickers, post-card and a 170gsm matt-coated A3 poster. The GMOD2 PCB is housed in RGCD branded black cartridge shell, with a 3D domed Planet Golf label.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling the game on disk for £6.99/£13.99/£39.99 (plus shipping). Planet Golf is also available to buy here as a downloadable .D64 image to use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II. Purchases of the cartridge include the downloadable version of the game for free.

by Antonio Savona , Psytronik Software , and RGCD ,