Moonspire (Commodore 64)

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Dušan Milivojević & Ari Yliaho 2014-16
PAL/NTSC C64/128

No-one was prepared for the Draxx onslaught on Arcturus 7. Thousands of lives were lost in the initial attack, and hundreds more in the chaotic aftermath. The remaining human colonists rallied and began to strategize a retaliation, but it was too late. The Draxx had called back their forces to the far side of the planet's only moon - taking with them the control orbs from the now rapidly cooling thermal-boosters, halting the terraforming process and reverting the planet back to an inhabitable and desolate ice world.

YOU are mankind's only hope. Infiltrate the Draxx MOONSPIRE, cause as much devastation as possible and reclaim the stolen orbs!

MOONSPIRE is a sprawling flip-screen exploratory sci-fi shmup developed for the 1983 Commodore 64 home computer by Dušan Milivojević. Initially created as a short one-level demo back in 2014, this final six-level commercial release of the game features over 260 screens to fight through, enhanced firing mechanics and audio by Ari "agemixer" Yliaho.

MOONSPIRE has full NTSC support, and the game and music run at the same speed as on PAL systems.

For full details on the game, please check out the official press kit here.

MOONSPIRE is presented in a modified plastic Universal Game Case complete with custom made foam insert (as with the rest of our deluxe range). The cover art was illustrated by Harris Kladis and the game comes complete with a professionally printed 20-page manual, large weather-proof vinyl RGCD sticker, a post-card and a 170gsm matt-coated A3 poster. The 64KB PCB is housed in white cartridge shell, with a 3D domed MOONSPIRE label.

Please note that MOONSPIRE is also available to buy here as a downloadable .CRT image to use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II. A poster bundle is also available to buy here, consisting of an A2 and an A3 poster sent to you rolled in a reinforced tube. Purchases of the cartridge or poster bundle include the downloadable version of the game for free.

by Dusan Milivojevic and RGCD