Kobo64 (Commodore 64)

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Kajtár Zsolt, Balázs Oszvald & Glenn Rune Gallefoss, 2019

Ever wanted to destroy massive space stations and uncountable enemies with a small ship for fun, profit and fame? You're at the right place - The Alliance Of Planets are hiring aspiring wannabe-heroes and veteran starfighter pilots to combat the Kobonian infiltration of our galactic territory!

The Kobonian Empire have established heavily-defended space stations within 50 different sectors that must be eliminated with extreme prejudice in order to dissuade the filthy reptiles from expanding further into Human space. Their huge maze-like structures are protected by heavy firepower and an armada of fighter craft, so vigilance is required!

Are you up to the challenge? Fame, fortune and (most likely) a hero's funeral awaits!

The initial version of KOBO64 was released as a 16KB cartridge game for the RGCD annual C64 game development competition (in 2013). Now, in 2019, RGCD and Singular present what is probably the final version of the game, revision 313. Still only 16KB in size, and featuring 50 levels with procedurally generated maps, triple-buffered, 25FPS, 8-directional scrolling, an overwhelming number of enemies/bullets on screen, 10+ enemy types, full PAL/NTSC compatibility and Joystick or keyboard control!

KOBO64 is a Singular & RGCD Production.

KOBO64 is presented in a modified plastic Universal Game Case complete with custom made foam insert (as with the rest of our deluxe range). The cover art was illustrated by Flemming Dupont and the game comes complete with a professionally printed 20-page A6 manual, large weather-proof vinyl RGCD sticker, a post-card and a 170gsm matt-coated A3 poster. The 16KB PCB is housed in a neon-pink cartridge shell, with a 3D domed label.

Please note that KOBO64 is also available here for FREE as a downloadable .CRT and .PRG image to use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II.

​Note that this release of KOBO64 is a zero-royalty, ‘for fame & glory only’ production on the request of the developers, and we’ve passed that saving directly on to you.

by RGCD and Singular