C64anabalt (Commodore 64)

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Semi-Secret Software 2009, Paul Koller 2012
PAL/NTSC (Limited) C64/128/GS

C64anabalt is an official conversion of Adam Atomic & Danny B.'s award winning single-button 2009 indie game Canabalt for the 8-Bit, 64KB RAM, 1Mhz Commodore 64 home computer developed by Paul Koller (Paulko64). This particular version was designed to run from a 16KB cartridge (although there are also tape and disk versions available to download as well).

The game was developed as an entry for the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011), and the name C64anabalt was suggested by Adam Atomic himself. The physics and procedural algorithms are based on those documented in the original game's open source code.

Please note that C64anabalt is compatible with NTSC C64's, but lacks the static parallax background cityscape (the background scrolls instead) and it stutters slightly at high running speeds (due to the NTSC machine having less CPU time available). The game also plays fractionally faster than the PAL version. None of these issues severely affect the play of the game, but it should be noted that the game was coded specifically for PAL machines.

C64anabalt is presented in a modified plastic Universal Game Case complete with custom made foam insert (as with the rest of our deluxe range). The cover art features an illustration by Adam Atomic and the game comes complete with a professionally printed manual and a vinyl RGCD sticker. The 16KB PCB is housed in a dove-grey cartridge shell with a 3D domed C64anabalt label.

Please note that C64anabalt is also available for FREE here as a downloadable .CRT image to use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II

by Paul Koller and RGCD