Assembloids (Commodore 64)

£17.00 Coming Soon

Onslaught/RGCD 2012-13

Initially entered in the 2012 16KB Cartridge Development Competition (where it secured 2nd place), Assembloids has been further refined and enhanced for this final retail version. Based on Photon Storm's excellent Quartet game, Assembloids is a frantic reflex-based puzzle game in which you must assemble faces from four different sets as quickly as possible against an increasingly tight time limit.

Featuring open border design, high-score codes so you can keep a record of your achievements and full (comparable speed) PAL/NTSC compatibility, Assembloids requires no keyboard input and is designed to work on the C64GS as well as regular commodore computers. Visit RGCD for more information on the game, screenshots, videos and downloads.

The standard cartridge version is packaged in a cardboard carton, whereas the deluxe version uses a modified plastic Universal Game Case.

The cover art features an illustration by iLKke and the game comes complete with a printed manual, two code sheets for recording your scores and a vinyl Assembloids sticker. The 16KB PCB is housed in a lime green cartridge shell.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling the game on tape for £3.99 (plus shipping). The game is also available for free download from the game's page at RGCD.

by Onslaught , Psytronik Software , and RGCD ,