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Greenrunner / Redrunner / Retroskoi+ (Commodore 64)


Aleksi Eeben 2006-12
PAL/NTSC C64/128/GS (6581 SID Recommended)

RGCD and Psytronik Software are incredibly honoured to present to you two of the finest arcade games available for the Commodore 64, Aleksi Eeben's acclaimed Greenrunner and Redrunner – both upgraded and optimised to run on both PAL and NTSC machines. Not only that, but Aleksi has also managed to squeeze into the 64kb cartridge version an updated (and also NTSC fixed) version of Retroskoi+, converting your C64 computer into a two-oscillator monophonic synthesizer.

Released back in 2006 at the Game Over(view) Freestyle Jam, Greenrunner literally blew the competition away with its frantic arcade gameplay and amazing mix of sampled speech and high quality soundtrack. It's a game so hardcore and visually intense that it's probable that even Jeff Minter would beg for mercy at the thought of having to beat all 100 levels.

One year on, the bugs are back, and this time they are in full colour! Improving on the high-res character based graphics of the original, 2007's Redrunner challenges the player with an all new and improved 100 waves of chaos. Lock 'n' load!

In addition to the two games, the cartridge-exclusive Retroskoi Plus is a 2-oscillator monophonic synth for the Commodore 64. This enhanced Plus version comes with additional preset sounds and a wider keyboard range. In short, using Retroskoi+ and an audio connector you can rock up to a gig, plug in the C64 and cartridge and use your Commodore as a synthesizer or noise box - no monitor or other peripherals required!

Greenrunner, Redrunner and Retroskoi+ have been updated since their initial release to ensure NTSC and PAL compatibility, and the game menu joystick control means that the two games are even playable on the Commodore 64 GS console. Visit RGCD for more information on the game, screenshots, videos and exclusive downloads.

The standard cartridge version is packaged in a cardboard carton, whereas the deluxe version uses a modified plastic Universal Game Case.

The cover art features an illustration by Miha Rinne and the game comes complete with a printed manual, Retroskoi+ reference sheet and a vinyl RGCD sticker. The 64KB PCB is housed in a clear cartridge shell illuminated by an internal flashing green and red LED.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling the game on disk and tape for £3.99/£4.99/£9.99 respectively (plus shipping). The full versions of both games (and Retroskoi+) are also available for free download from the game's page at RGCD.

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